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Origins of Jaquard-Weavery. Also: Characteristics of brocades/damasks

 A few short introductions 

Schneider & Wohlenberg Collection

Our patterned "Theater Kollektion"  fabrics and plain wool cloths are here.

Glossary: Fabric qualities

Warps are generally made out of mercerised, durable cotton yarn. The different weft materials are specified for each listed article.


Theatre / Stage Brocade

Traditional / National Costume Patterns

Parament Fabics

Brocades (metallic spun yarn and rayon)

Brocades (metallic spun yarn and silk)

Brocades (real spun gold)

Damask (rayon)

Damask (silk)

Damask (half-linen)

Art. 7162-TB, Fb. blau-weiß
Theaterbrokat, Bühnenbrokat, Brokat, Brokatstoff, Damaststoff, Damast, Trachten, Trachtenstoff, Seidenbrokat, Loden, Goldbrokat, Wollstoff, Leinen, Halbleinen, Leinendamast, Historische Stoffe, Jacquardstoffe, Jacquardgewebe Jacquardweberei,
Art. 6120-TB
Theaterbrokat, Bühnenbrokat, Brokat, Brokatstoff, Seidenbrokat, Goldbrokat, Paramentenstoff, Damast, Damaststoff, Trachtenstoff, Loden, Wollstoff, Leinen, Halbleinen, Leinendamast, Historische Stoffe, Jacquardstoffe, Jacquardgewebe, Jacquardweberei
Art. 6632-TB, Fb. grün
Brokat, Theaterbrokat, Bühnenbrokat, Goldbrokat, Brokatweberei, Brokate, Damaste, Damaststoffe, Seidenbrokat, Loden, Wollstoff, Leinen, Halbleinen, Leinendamst, Historische Stoffe, Jacquardweberei, Jacquardgewebe, Jacquardstoffe, Historische Weberei

Theatre /Stage Brocades

(short: TB) 

Our Brocades are manufactured in a pattern of your choice, in 160cm width-panels. Stage Brocade is comprised of black or white warps (mercerised cotton) and wefts of diverse fibers (50% lurex and 50% rayon/viscose in most cases). Lurex creates an intense sheen and brilliant long-distance effects. In general, Stage Brocade is suitable for  stage or carnival costumes, as well as decor and ornamental uses.

Weight: appr. 200g/m²

Art. 13460-DW, Fb. grün-blau
Art. 13460-DW, Fb. grün-blau
Art. 3266-DV
Art. 32667-DV
Art. 14278-DHS, Fb. rot-grün-blau
Art. 14278-DHS, Fb. rot-grün-blau

Traditional /National Costumes

Our clients are firmly rooted in their customs and traditions which is especially notable in the various German "Trachten" (formal national / folk costumes with detailed, handed down patterns).


We believe in the importance of this cultural heritage, offering a range of fabrics with characteristic, historical patterns that are executed in traditonal materials and colors. These fabrics are individually manufactured according to your specifications, highlighting the precious look and value of every individual costume.


Wefts: viscose, rayon, cotton or wool (optionally).

Art. 147744-P, Fb. B19-G44-V12
Art. 147744-P, Fb. B19-G44-V12
Art. 7883-P, Fb. B15-M44-V47
Art. 7883-P, Fb. B15-M44-V47
Art. 1733-P, Fb. B14-M44-V41
Art. 1733-P, Fb. B14-M44-V41


For generations, we have produced fabrics for liturgical use. What would a service be without elaborate garments?

Fabrics incorporating metal foil yarn display a brilliant distance-effect suitable for stoles, chasubles and other paraments. Our parament fabrics are woven on mercerised cotton warps, with classic liturgical colors, in 160cm width.

weft: 50% metal foil yarn (a stronger "Lurex") and 50% viscose/rayon

weight: about 225g/m²

Art. 13460-BV, Fb. B17-G44-V18
Art. 13460-BV, Fb. B17-G44-V18
Art. 7911-BV
Art. 7911-BV
Art. 20718-BV, Fb. B18- G44-V18
Art. 20718-BV, Fb. B18-G44-V18

Brocades (metallic spun yarn and viscose/rayon)

Short: BV


An affordable alternative to real spun gold Brocades, these Brocades are a true classic with a very subtle, fine sheen. Metal spun yarn designs appear to be delicate and graceful.

These fabrics are woven on coloured mercerised cotton warps in 160cm width. They are often used for historical clothing, costumes or traditionbal garb.

For these Brocades, you can choose out of a vast array of patterns and hundreds of colour combinations.


Wefts: 50% metallic spun yarn and 50% viscose/rayon.

Weight: about 240g/m²

Art. 13460-BV, Fb. B17-G44-V18
Art. 13460-BV, Fb. B17-G44-V18
Art. 147744-BHS, Fb.GS-403
Art. 147744-BHS, Fb. GS-403

Brocades with metallic spun yarn, silk and cotton

Short: BHS


These Brocades are a very noble and exquisite alternative to our real spun gold Brocades. Silk and metallic spun yarn create a look of classyness and opulence. This fabric is of use for costly, precious garbs and robes, tapestries and room decor.


It is woven on coloured mercerised cotton warps in 160cm width.

Wefts: 50% metallic spun yarn and 50% Schappe-silk (50% silk and 50% cotton)

Weight: about 245g/m²

Art. 7162-E, Fb. GS-441
Art. 7162-E, Fb. GS-441

Real Gold Brocade

These fabrics were sought after for fashionable, costly tapestries in the renaissance and baroque era. Real Gold Brocades are rarely seen today, but can be used for opulent garbs, traditional costumes tapestries and room decor. One of our customers has been manufacturing delicate artificial fabric flowers with our Real Gold Brocades for many years.


Real Gold Brocades are woven on coloured mercerised cotton warps, silk warps or even Real Gold- or Silver warps, according to your needs and wishes. The processed silk and spun gold generate unparalleled luster and depth as well as soft and graceful drape.


Wefts: mostly Real Gold /Real Silver spun yarn and Schappe-silk (50% silk and 50% cotton), according to the customers wishes and needs

Art. 5611-DV
Art. 5611-DV
Art. 4871-DV, Fb. B11-V16-V15
Art. 4871-DV, Fb. B11-V16-V15
Art. 1733-DV, Fb. B14-V34
Art. 1733-DV, Fb. B14-V34

Damask with viscose/rayon

Short: DV


The similarities to Brocades are obvious, yet Damask fabrics have a distinct personal flair. Subtly, tone in tone coloured, with almost "modest" patterns. The play of light between wefts and warps presents every motif in great detail.


Our Damask is woven on black, white or coloured mercerised cotton warps in 160cm width. You can choose from a wide variety of coloured viscose/rayon wefts.

Due to its gentle drape, this Damask is very suitable vor curtains or other drapery, as well as costumes, traditional attire, paraments and bridal wear.

Wefts: viscose or viscose/cotton

Weight: about 210g/m²

Art. 1733-DHS, Fb. B17-S53
Art. 1733-DHS, Fb. B17-S53

Damask with silk

Short: DHS


A higher grade of viscose-Damask: Damask with silk. It is used for valuable garments, historical costumes, tapestries and room decor.


Our Damasks are woven on coloured mercerised cotton warps in 160cm width. Real silk provides inimitable, gentle sheen and drape.


Wefts: Schappe-silk

Weight: about 240g/m²

Halflinen Damask

Short: DHL


Our Halflinen Damask is woven on white, mercerised cotton warps. The elaborate historical patterns benefit from the use of linen yarn, creating a characteristic and unusual appearance and a fine, subtle luster. This quality of Damask can be made into beautiful room decor (bed linen, table linen), and also paraments.


Wefts: high quality, bleached linen yarn